3. Herbert James Draper - A water baby

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  4. no lo se, quien sabe
    quizá algún día pueda darle una lección a todos

    de momento con humildad
    aprendo de todos y con todos


  5. Y ya te ha hecho la vida pasar justo frente a mi
    y tu simplemente respondiendo a mi desbocada mirada sonriendome
    y yo desarmado como un tonto
    dejandote simplemente ir sin decir nada

    hasta cuando…


  6. Muse, I summon thee
    here I am prepared for your arrival
    just let your feet cross my path and I will not let you leave again

    Here your beast is for you to ride on
    here your rider and prince
    here your sword and cide

    here you have your server
    your knight and king
    oh my queen, lady above all

    here your priest and wand
    here your Lingam
    and nectar…
    here your cream and milky way

    Here the fire, here the Sun
    for you Mother of Kaos

    mother of illusion, maya… oh my Ultimate Karma
    when will I face you…

    here I will be for eternity
    from body to body
    from face to face
    … reamining beyond death,
    beyond time and ages
    until our meeting to consume it all
    and reach that Extasis where all will be Naught
    everything merged in your endless void

    that darkness quiet and silent from I belong to
    that source, matrix of it all
    flower from I have come to this world
    ultimate end for my steps go towards

    my breath will always be alive for your illusion and promise
    for you’re cause of it
    and I’ll end just when consumed in fire with you
    till reduced to ashes
    fused both as one

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    Pain - Ryohei Hase

    s.n. hey guys, the author’s name is wrong. it’s not  Zdzislaw but Ryohei Hase. sorry you all friends & followers.

    Art and Fury

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    Обитель Лесной Ведьмы auf We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/49659243

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  10. "I… am lost in the gorgeous errors of the flesh"

    Sylvia Plath, Friday 22 August 1952, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath (via lifeinpoetry)

    I would rejoice even lost
    at least in the errors of flesh… rather than those of mind… 
    rather than madness

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  12. La tensión de una cultura paranóica
    ansiedad de una rutinaria monotonía
    obsoletista y sin sentido
    afanosa en la búsqueda de algo que ignora a cada instante
    con la vida frente a sí
    dejandola derramar de sus manos.


  13. maturity arrive with time, living and experience… and of course judgement

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