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  4. "No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again"
    — buddha

  5. Gracias a las medicinas que me han ayudado con las maldiciones de esta era,
    gracias al arte,
    gracias a la miel, y al hidromiel
    gracias a la meditación, al yoga
    a la ganja
    gracias por acompañarme con su fuego sanador
    en este desierto que trasiego tan intoxicado y sediento
    de no ser por su sanación cuan agónico sería mi aliento.

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    Callipygean Art

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  9. kickstarter:

    Here’s what a few people had to say about Slap .45:

    "The design is OK." - Wilson Miner, When We Build 

    "My hand hurts." - Graham Stark, LoadingReadyRun 

    "I’m so bad at this game." - Luke Crane, Burning Wheel 

    "Blazing Saddles meets Egyptian Ratscrew." - Sam Roberts, IndieCade 

    "Super-fast, super-violent. Just super." - Mike Selinker, Pathfinder Card Game 

    "I was screaming at my friends. In a good way." - Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb

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    Etching to Death and Death of Hugo von Hofmannsthal by Fritz Silberbauer (1883 - 1974) 

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    / tränenwege series /

    for my new website, i wrote a text about the conceptual thoughts
    for this project. maybe this helps to understand the series a little bit better

    i was invited by artist Jonathan Kröll to create a series of artworks for the
    upcoming issue of ‚Das Gespinst‘ magazine no. IV. the theme the works should
    relate to in this issue was – ‚Tränensack‘ ( tear sac ).

    i was getting into the topic, reading about the anatomy of the eye and the
    ‚lacrimal apparatus‘, when the ‚lacrimal canals‘ ( Viae lacrimales ) caught my
    interest – the german translation was my entrance to the theme and the
    inspiration for my work: ‚Tränenwege‘

    now i had a concept in my mind and i began exploring how to transform this
    concept into a series of visual poetry based on my figurative way of creating.
    i decided to work with an individual monotype printmaking process.

    the figures have a strong vertical-dripping movement and each character-
    creation contains the ‚monoprint‘, the form of the previous one. this stands for
    the experienced, overlaying conflicts and the pain that pass our minds, and
    run as tears from our eyes into the world. these tears take the ‚way of the tears‘
    — die Tränenwege.

    i express my concept in creating these characters – made in an abstract,
    diffuse, deformed way; dark colored and connected with each other,
    symbolizing that most of us never lose the memory of the bad experiences
    we had. they are ghosts of the past, monsters of the future.

    check my new site — kaeghoro.de

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  12. unas hormonas malditas que no me dejan trabajar en paz

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    My Post “Sandman and death”

    Art by : menton3
    On deviantart

    (more edits on ⚜ lady-circus ⚜)

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