1. There is not alternative… what ever I do, I just can’t cease to exist.


  2. How does it feel to not belong to anything?

    to not mean anything to anyone?

    to not find any place for youself in this world?

    to feel as the more pure feeling within you as HATRED?

    to just feel as… nothing… but a void waste of energy and space?

    Perhaps I can tell you.

    to the hell with everything.

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    StarVeil - Nebula #4! - Dave Rapoza

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    Soldier attaching his breeches to his breastplate.1517. after a drawing by Michelangelo. Agostino Veneziano. Italian 1490-1540. engraving.


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    Hermann VogelPillage of Rome (detail)

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    medusa by bernini (via alexej)

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    Sunrise, The Enchanted Wood

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