1. oursoulsaredamned:

    Sergius Hruby, Komodie, 1933. Nov 26th 

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  5. "Just because I’m on a different path doesn’t mean I’m lost."

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    YES. this sums it up.

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    a desolate path
    where no voice of living creature is heard
    just whispers from dark corners within…
    if not lost, at least it feels alike sometimes.

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  7. Xanthochroid - Blessed He With Boils (Full Album) [2012]

  8. ausonia:

    A photo that looks like a painting.

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  9. acromania-intoleranz:

    Fantoft church before it burned down. Beautiful building though the purpose was disgusting, humiliating for the Norwegian culture.

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  12. What kind of curse is this
    of one being always… always… a denial of every thing… for everyone

    Would not be better to just be normal in such cases
    Rather than be an invisible and nonexistent foreigner?
    Worst than invisible,
    a black hole which generates dissonance everywhere

    Well, I suppose we who are not capable of normal acting
    don’t have any other chance that to find the science of our madness, magick,
    or to die in the attempt, falling again and again…

  15. the-pineal-gland:

    Magic Ranch with Globe Effect