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    Ghost Rider by Dave Rapoza.

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    photographer unknown

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  4. Sometimes, when I am appreciating the world
    I confuse my self with some specific characters and creatures in it
    and forget of my identity.

    Yes, maybe I have been destroying the thin personality
    I could built since my childhood.

    I am going to end disappearing one of this days
    dissolved in an ocean of human memories,
    so I am not quite worry at all.



  5. The world is a web of illusions
    you can fall in many of them
    but there will be something more beyond
    and you just can realize that
    when you discover all the empty voids
    are here.
    The voids can transport our mind time after
    and travel trough possibilities.

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    Assemble by Blule

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    St. Sofia Church

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    Dishonored Corvo Attano HD Wallpaper

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  12. We, the shy ones seem to be condemned to failure in this Age.

    Of course I fear,
    while my same aged fellows flourish and growing up 
    finding the way they fit in their world
    and me… unmoved, quiet, 
    as frozen, but time affecting me anyway, getting old on and on…

    I fear, of course I do.

    "…fear to face the challenges of life and the world outside?
    rather die in the adventure, than die of boring” 
    they say

    I fear to not have anything to offer to the World
    I fear to not find anything in the wold for me

    I fear that what really draw me in is death
    is the void, darkness, silent, quiescence 
    the non existence.

    I fear cause I am not capable of putting an end to my life myself,
    because I know that even doing it I will not find the Liberation I crave for.

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    A Woman’s Courage by Nicolas Delort / Tumblr

    S/N ultra limited edition one color screen print, exclusively released via Geek-Art & French Paper Art Club. On sale Thursday, April 17th 2014, HERE.


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    Robert Auer, Allegory of medical science, 1914

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